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Este sitio es un lugar central para discutir soluciones para los problemas con Halo (por ejemplo, si el lobby de los servidores no está disponible).

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Expanded chat console for x480 resolution users.

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Expanded chat console for x480 resolution users. Empty Expanded chat console for x480 resolution users.

Post by Skylace on Tue Dec 02, 2014 12:37 am


Lengthens the chat console so that people can view more of what they are typing and expand the character limit to 96 (x600 resolution limit.)

Install Directions:

1. Open your Halo (Combat Evolved or Custom Edition) folder.
2. Open the Content folder.
3. Add .old to the 480editbox that is in the Content folder. (That is if you want to backup the old text location.)
4. Paste the new 480editbox into the folder.


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